Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long Time, No Posts...

Heh. Thought I forgot about this, didja? Had a bit of a slump there for awhile. However, we've started playing on Saturdays again. I've been running Ravenloft. The 3E Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, which I find superior to either the original I6 or the 2nd Ed update. There's more to it to begin with, but still lots of things I can flesh out. Of course, though are the changes I've made due to my PCs.

Quite a few of them are familiar with Ravenloft and its master, Strahd. They KNOW that Strahd is a vampire. They know that messed up stuff is happening, mostly because of Strahd. There's enough there that if they just ran over to the castle and started messing things up, it would be well justified. However, I'm taking a longer term approach. There are things that need to be done first, and I keep modifying the adventure to fit.

Ravenloft is one of those truly great adventures for doing that. There are enough NPCs that are detailed and the political situation is well detailed, so I know everyone's motivations for doing stuff. Using that as a backdrop, I could probably run a full campaign here with sidetreks. However, it will come a time when things change and they go after the master of the Castle.

There's where things will be very different. There's already some things that have changed. The villagers do not live in fear of Strahd, he's viewed much like any nobleman. There's a Worg who didn't show up as evil when the paladin did a detect evil. I added a short side trek with a Grey Jester, and killed the polar bear. Because the PCs have yet to take care of the zombie incursion, well, things are going to get worse for them in the eyes of the villagers. Granted the PCs showed up to kill some werewolves, which they have yet to see, but still...

I think I'll detail some of the stuff that we've done in some other posts.

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