Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Campaign Recap; Ravenloft #3

I think that I missed something somewhere. I dunno. I know that at some point the PCs had been harassed by the locals into going to kill the big evil, but I'm not sure when it happened. Maybe we had another in between session, but then I don't know. I think my brain left me sometime in my twenties. The locals had even shot one of the paladins.

So they left and followed the trail back to the church and the graveyard behind it. So this is when the session started. The only people who were there in the beginning were Megan (Wizard), Darrien (Black Bear Rogue/Barbarian), and Josh (Druid).

Going down the tunnel underneath one of the graves, they smelled Ghast stank. Everyone passed their fortitude checks. Then they heard the enchanting song of a ghast harpy. Megan and Darrien failed their check. So Josh dropped his traditional favorite spell, Entangle.

This did not work the way that he thought it would. Both Megan and Darrien made their reflex saves, avoiding being trapped by the Entangle, but cut Josh apart from the rest of the group. Then Po finally showed up.

Megan and Darrien went forward. Darrien got side tracked on his mission to go adore the harpy by a Ghoul Monk. Megan went forward and because of her Improved Invisibility spell, the harpy was unaware of her existence.

Po and Josh made it through the Entangle and were attacked by the Blaspheme that was causing the whole zombie apocalypse.

So in all Po and Josh were fighting the Blaspheme, Darrien was fighting the ghoul monk, and Megan's familar a fire mephit that had passed its will save was fighting the harpy.

Four rounds later, the bad guys were all dead, and the session was over.

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