Sunday, October 10, 2010

Campaign Recap; Ravenloft #1.33 &1.66

Well, we also had a bit more that happened throughout the week whenever a couple of us could stand a few minutes. So the group broke into two separate groups. So I'll detail the things they've done in each part.

Group 1:
Po, Megan, Tom
Session 1.33
The two arcane casters and the paladin went to Madam Eva to find out more information about the different things. They found out some information from a fortune telling. However, they also asked about things that were not detailed in the adventure.

Nothing really happened in the session, but it determined where certain items would be located and some of the things that they would have to do to activate them. The most notable of these is that the Sunsword was in a place of money, which means that it would be at Bildrath's mercantile. Which the PCs figured out relatively easily.

This is something I really like about Ravenloft, depending on how the cards play out, it can be a totally different adventure.

Group 2:
Josh, and Darrien
Session 1.66
While the other PCs were having their fortunes read, the other PCs were not involved. Darrien decided that he wanted to gain some more experience, which made sense since he had only gained a level only to lose it to come back to life. I also think that he wanted to take his character for a test run, given that he was now a black bear.

So the druid with a polar bear and a black bear set out to find what had caused one of the Vistani gypsy to start talking like Ben Stein. They quickily found a mile from the Vistani gypsy camp a large circus tent containing a Grey Jester, a type of fey that feed on emotions. The Grey Jester was the ring master of a circus with four minotaur servitors.

It took them most of an afternoon to defeat the five CR 4 opponents, but they were able to do so. Both of them gained enough XP to go up in level and quite a bit of treasure.

Since this had not been a planned part of the adventure, and was just a side trek I had to use the random treasure table, which generated something interesting. 23,000 Silver Pieces. The following conversation took place;

Me: After spending several hours counting it, its 23K SP.
Josh: How much is that in gold?
Me: Er. Two Thousand Three Hundred.
(Josh starts to write it down on his character sheet, I glare.)
Josh: You're not going to allow me to just add this as money are you?
Me: Not a chance. That's a lot of silver pieces, you got to figure out how to deal with it.

So a few minutes later we determined that it was 460 pounds of silver pieces. So they decided to bound it up in a piece of canvas from the circus tent and hid it in a tree with a Hide result of 17.

Interesting side note; When I told my son who is eleven that they did this, his response was this; "Twenty Thousand silver in a tree a mile from a gypsy camp? Well, that's twenty thousand silver they won't see again."

Oddly enough the kid was right...for a bit...

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