Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Campaign Recap; Ravenloft #4 (part 1)

Well, after a purely combat session, the next was not. It actually angered one of my PCs. Tom likes to splat stuff, and I really don't mind that most of the time, but occasionally you need to do something besides smack stuff. The group consisted of Po, Tom, Jim, and Darrien.

After taking care of all the ghouls and the Blaspheme, they exited the tunnel to find another group on its way. Jim (Cleric of Wee Jas) had finally come in a manner that we were able to get with the rest of the group. However, he had some friends. HE was with Lucian, the Castellan of Ravenloft, and Kavan the Grim, head of the Ravenloft Gaurd. Not to mention several of the other gaurds.

After a near confrontation, the two groups made their way back to the Manor House of the Burgomaster. Ismark the Lesser, who the group had really only known as the town drunk, had taken over. As a relectant thank you, he gave a house in the village to the group as a place to stay since he wanted Jim to rebuild the church and the inn was destroyed.

The group decided to retreat to the house, and then went to sleep. So day 6 in Barovia came to an end.

Day 7 in Ravenloft, the group decided to go up to the castle to find out how much the local lord Count Strahd knew about the werewolf problem, since that was what they come to Ravenloft to deal with.

Going up to Castle Ravenloft, they were escorted to the Dining Room where Count Strahd greeted them.

A brief aside. When I tried running this for my kids, at this point, my eldest son went "Fff..." I looked at him and said; "It would be entirely appropriate to say the f-word at this time." to which he replied "I hit him with my b-word sword". Then two rounds later, Strahd had killed 2/3 of the kid's party. My work PCs did not make this mistake.

After a brief moment of shock, they had a pleasant conversation with Strahd where he invited them to a ball he was having the next day. He even gave them a letter to his tailor to get them appropriate clothing. So they returned to the Village and relaxed for the rest of the day, since they would not have enough time to get to the next town. They spoke to Ismark, the lesser who asked Po's paladin to watch over his sister, since Strahd had his eye on the girl.

This is where the PCs started to realize that something odd is going on. First Jim is from a different country, one across the continent, but had only traveled for a day. They had come from the next town, but the one that Strahd said was immediately to the south was not the one they had come from. They decided to go forth to investigate.

However, they hit The Mists of Ravenloft. The two Paladins failed their rolls, and Ashlyn the NPC paladin fell off. So everything panicked and ran back towards the village. However, on the hurried way back, they ran into a group of Murks attacking a black armored dude with a raven.

The combat only ran for two turns and the group was triumphant. As the group healed their ability damage, the strange armored man told them that he was Sir Urik the last Knight of the Raven. He told them that they couldn't trust Strahd and that every thing he did was for his own purposes. Then the knight left.

Unfortunately, when Ashlyn, the NPC paladin woke up, she had eyes of green fire. They decided to return to Castle Ravenloft to determine what was going on.

About Half Way through, but I'm tired. More later.

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