Monday, October 11, 2010

Campaign Recap; Ravenloft #2 (part 1)

Well, the last official session started out rather oddly. Walked into work, and the only person there was Tom. Not surprising, he and I are the only ones that normally start in the morning. Then Darrien came in. Megan who starts early on Saturdays wasn't there. We waited for Josh, who doesn't start until 45 minutes after us. Granted good gaming should make someone want to start work early, but the reason that he comes in late is due to the buses. Granted if I thought that I was going to be gaming, I'd come in at 6:30 AM, but hey, that's just me.

Waited a bit for Po, who doesn't work on Saturday, but comes in to play. After 9:30, still no Po, and no Megan. So we started without them.

So the Druid with a Polar Bear, the Sorcerer with a Weasel, and the Black Bear Rogue decided to go back to the Church to investigate further. This is day four in Barovia.

They met with a couple zombies on the way, and everything was going smoothly. Well, as smooth as can be expected. The Druid was using up his healing spells quickily. Then the Ghasts attacked. They paralyzed the Polar Bear, and polished him off pretty quickly. Josh ran over to use his Healing Belt on the Polar Bear to save it. Only to have it fail. The PCs hadn't realized earlier that the Polar Bear had failed a zombie disease check earlier.

The next round, the Polar Bear came back as a zombie with MORE taint then it had gotten fighting the Grey Jester. So it awoke with two taint traits. Sycophantic and Hysterical. Which means that it fawned over Josh's Druid, and laughed at everything. So it was like when your best friend gets really drunk and keeps giving you hugs and laughing at things.

They quickly dispatched the Zombie Polar Bear (I kinda hoped they would keep it). The Paladin of the group caught up with them. So the Paladin and the Sorcerer went onto the church to investigate further, and the Druid and the Black Bear Rogue went to find a new animal companion for the Druid.

The Druid wandered around the mountains of Barovia for awhile. Eventually he got a brown bear and a worg that followed him around.

The Paladin, the Sorcerer, and the NPC paladin examined the wreckage of the church. They got the stuff that belonged to the NPC paladin's party and the stuff from the tainted priest. The items the priest had actually weren't tainted, but he had been. So they divided up the stuff, and decided that the Black Bear Rogue would get the Chain Shirt +1, since it is basically a chain metal t-shirt and didn't require the use of straps or buttons. The Paladin took the tainted priests Full Plate +1.

The Paladin read the church diary of the tainted priest, and got a few points of taint himself, but not enough to gain any tainted traits. The Sorceror looked over the Libre Blaspheme which was bound in human skin, and didn't get tainted.

The Druid and the Black Bear Rogue showed up then, since several hours had passed. They looked over the new animals and the following exchange took place (more or less);

Paladin: A WORG? They're all evil! In the goblin wars, I experienced it first hand. All Evil!
Worg: Barefoot pregnant in the kitchen.
Paladin: Oh, that's it. That things dead!
Worg: You want to throw stereotypes, then I can throw stereotypes.
Paladin: Touche, worg.

The paladin used detect evil on the worg, and amazingly found it was not evil. So he told the Druid it was his responsibility, and then they made plans to go back to Bildrath's mercantile to retrieve the Sunsword. They knew that it was there due to the fortune telling from Madam Eva.

So they returned to Mercantile and asked for the bastard swords the guy had. His mentally handicap nephew brought out a bag with several bastard swords in it. One of them was just a blade and tang made from mithral and had delicate filigree on it. Bildrath would only part with it for 3330 GP. So the Paladin left her old full plate with him as a deposit. And they decided to go back to the Vistani Gypsy camp to get the silver that had been hidden to pay for the Sunsword.

That's when everything went to hell in a hand-basket.

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