Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trying It Out

Well, today. Today, today, today.

This is the busy day at work. Well, D&D wise, that is. However, I'm not too sure. We barely got to play The Ogres today, and most of that time was spent going over and over rooms they've already been through to try to find a clue of where to go next. Frustrating since they missed the most obvious place. The corpses of the dragon's victims. They also ignored several magic items, mainly because they just didn't bother to have the NPC cast detect magic. Such is life. Frustrating.

Rolled up some Dark Sun characters. Ended up with two Thrikreen and a half elf barbarian. Odd mix. I was thinking that there would be four PCs, but Josh opted out. He stated that it was because he was getting 'D&Ded out'. Which I can understand. Four campaigns a week is a bit much for almost any newbie. So right now, its just the Monsters campaign for him. I think. Maybe also the Plague World. I'm not sure. However, part of me wonders if it was due to my previous comments on this blog. I dunno. Maybe I should ask him. Or I won't. I'm not good at that type of thing.

In real life, I'm rather anti-social and tend to make social mistakes. Simply because I don't think out my thoughts. I have no filter. No Jiminy Cricket telling that saying something is not the wisest thing to say or the smartest action to take. I'm much better then I used to be. MUCH better. However, I still make the occasional social faux paus. Which Firefox says I spelled wrong.

However, Dark Sun started out pretty well. Decided to go with a grand melee to start things out. One hundred men enter, twenty men leave. Since mainly it was NPCs taking out NPCs, it wasn't too strenuous on the PCs. They ended up taking out something like 8 gladiators. Which ain't too shabby for just two PCs, since Megan had to leave early. However, I took the chance to introduce them to some typical gladiator tactics. Things that they will have to get used to. Such as 'tag teams'. One member to take an action that incapacitates the opponent, and the other member to eliminate the opponent. Also the stereotypical and cliche sand thrown into the eyes bit.

Part of me is really looking forward to this campaign. I'm an old school wrestling fan from way back, and back in the hayday of ECW, I liked to think of myself as a smart mark. I still fell for the storylines, but I understood the back business as well. Which is part of why I'm looking forward to this. The other part is that Tom is still a major wrestling fan. He understands the point of marks, pops, heat, heelturns, and such. So I'm really hoping that he can step up his game in this campaign. This is the type of campaign where he can really shine. He knows wrestling, and is fairly passionate about it. Come up with some tactics and some promos, and other great things. I'm thinking of doing an 'Undertaker' type of gladiator. Some unbeatable giant. Or maybe a Rey Mysterio Jr type. Oh, a STING parody! That would be golden.

If you read, please comment. I'm lonely and I want to know who's seen this.

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