Monday, May 17, 2010


Ah, all things are doomed to failure. Problems with quality at work have caused the banning of books. No books on the floor. We've been scrambling. Converting character sheets to emails, then to .rtfs. Too much too soon. Gah. Partially my fault. I'm one of the ones whose quality is down. However, it isn't from a lack of effort, just a chance of the one or two horrible calls that get scanned. So buckle down and charge ahead full.

So Monsters, been doing a lot of The Monsters lately. Mainly because it is one that if we are missing a character or anything it doesn't effect the rest of the group. Given the Monsters is also a Monster of the Week, it doesn't matter story wise if someone has missed. Easy to catch up on.

So the story is pretty simple, or at least it started out that way. It's gotten more complex. In the beginning it was just a bunch of monsters killing stuff, now there's conspiracies.

It all started with the first session. We fought a Celestial Titan. Big good. Took us a bit, but we whupped it. Now, my character is a pixie, and thus is a trickster. A Celestial Titan is a good creature, regardless of how you split it (down the center is what we went with). So as a good trickster, I blamed someone else. I took the time to set up and execute a frame job. Left some holy books of Lloth lying around and some other stuff that would indicate that it was done by Drow.

All good, right? Wrong. Apparently, there's a CSI; Bytopia. Celestial Squad Investigators. While we were wandering around killing other things (notably other EVIL things), they were investigating the drow.

Which leads us into what is happening right now. Last time we got together as a group, we fought a tetramorph. Which ended up sending most of the group to other planes. The Mindflayer Wizard used his innate plane shift to go back to the prime material plane. The HalfDragon Werewolf Cleric and the Rakasha Sorceror were stuck in the Abyss.

We found out that the Mindflayer decided to cross the underdark to return to Larlock's Crypt, where we were all stationed and being sent out to do the demilich's business. Along the way, he encountered some drow that were running away because 'Mistress is in the Abyss'. He finally took the time to eat...THEIR BRAINS. Later the CSI team came and used the dead drow as a starting point for further investigation of the Drow High Priestess.

Meanwhile in the Abyss, the Halfdragon Werewolf and the Rakasha Sorceror were approached by three succubi, who were trying to contract them on behalf of a Drow High Priestess and her Druegar bodygaurd. The Drow High priestess wants them to kill a Phoenix and get its heart. It seems that those two agreed. Not something I'm too thrilled about. Probably not going to help with that one.

The rest of us decided to take out the Ettin tribe. Which we will do soon.

So long story short, we set up some Drow, those drow get harassed by the CSI, run to the abyss and contract us to take out a phoenix to get a phoenix heart, and then they'll take out the CSI. All nice and neat. However, my ultimate plan is to become part of the Fairy Court. To do that I will spread chaos and trickery via battle across the planes. The greatest test of trickery, deceit, theft, all to permanently alter the course of the Blood War. I'm going to use the group to steal the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus. Trick some more people and end up in the dead book. Rise again from the dead on my wits alone and join the fay. And watch the whole of the lower planes burn. Then figure out how to get the Celestials involved. It shouldn't be too hard. Goody goodies are too goody goody for their own good. If I crash the whole planes, it will be well worth it. Then I might just go back in time and kill myself before I can do it. THAT is how you run with an epic campaign.

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