Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slight Update

So I got an email, but it was more metagame then actual game. Stuff that will be upcoming and such. DM's sharing ideas, ping ponging stuff across. You know the sort of thing. But there was a slight update;

So, today only Josh (Huge Fire Elemental Barbarian) and Jim (Mind Flayer Wizard) teamed up to go fight an Ocean Giant, an Ocean Strider, and a Titanic Toad. Josh almost died at 2 HP (lots of horrid wiltings did things to him). They did in the enemies and such.

Got another email. So I'm just going to cut and paste. More information, but less as well.

From Tim;

Po just ran JIm & Josh up against a giant toad, a dryder & a water giant. Josh finished up at 2 HP (truthfully, I think Po took pity on him & let him live, By what I was hearing while on calls, he probably should have died at least twice over). Tom & I were supposed to do something too but we never got to it. WARNING!!!! Po was looking through the Monster Manual again & I think that we may be going up against a Phoenix at some time. He kept says how THAT was what he should have used as the final boss instead of a Tarrasque. He says that he's finished creating the fearsome 5 of the CSI (Celestial S(omething) Investigators - I forget what he said the "S" stood for, but I know it wasn't "Scene") who are supposed to be some kind of real bad-asses looking into the death of the Titan we killed. Guess we'll see. My only fear is that my next confrontation is going to be just me & Tom (he of the oh so intelligent choices) - gulp

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