Friday, May 7, 2010

Soooo LAZY

Ok, I'm not giving up on my other blog Infamous Campaigns but I am not finding the time or energy to really go into it right now. Mainly because we are playing D&D too much and I must create.

So some background;

I do websupport for a major interweb place (3.9 million registered users). Don't be mistaken by the title, its not tech support, at least not most of the time. Mainly it consists of the advanced customer service aspect. In other words, when Cust Service Reps can't figure the problem out, it gets booted up to me. Mainly, it consists of resetting passwords, instructions on how to download Adobe Flash Player, and teaching little old ladies how use the computer. So, in other words, the stuff that most people reading this would not have the patience to do and can do easily themselves.

What that means is that when there is no special promotions going on, we're not taking any calls. Or not enough calls to keep us busy. So we either read or play D&D. This is because most of us are huge geeks, which is how we got our job in the first place.

Right now, our group consists of myself and 5 other people. Here's the breakdown;

Me: An old school gamer that never really gave it up, but never really continued either. I've played almost every game out there. I got my start with Hero Quest, and the Black Box of D&D basic. So call it the early to mid-90's. When my brother in law passed all of his 3.0 stuff on to me, I thought it was a perfect time to start playing at work. When I play, I tend to take odd pairings that work in strange ways (Halfling Barbarian FTW!)
Po: The other DM. He's a vet, and generally plays cautiously but not to the point of CSI: Shadowdale. Probably the most level headed of the group, and the most strategic player.
Jim: Jim's the other vet. He's been playing on and off for a little longer then I have, with almost all of his experience being in 2nd ed. He's the first to get really ticked off at the stupid n00b stuff that the neophytes do. He's also the only person to have multiple player kills in character.
Tim: Tim is a veteran returning after a long hiatus. He started and stopped playing OD&D before I was born. He's a very old school gamer, and almost looks at the game like a wargame. He's not one to start crap and thinks about his actions before hand and rarely makes errors. In character or out of character. So he's a valuable resource. I can count on him.
Tom: Tom is perhaps the odd man out. The other neophytes look at him as a veteran, but he's only been playing with us for a bit longer then them. He tends to make odd mistakes and tactical errors. Or create things that just don't quite work (cough*Half orc bard*cough). He's also had the most characters killed by other characters, a total of 3. Two by Jim and another by Parker, who no longer works with us.
Megan: Meg's great. She was at first reluctant to play, but eventually joined in. She's caught on quick and understands character actions vs. player actions faster then most of the other people. She's much fun and a joy to have in a group. If I ever play a game at home again, I'd invite her so that my wife would have another girl in the group. Oooh. Idea. I should call Danielle too...
Josh: Josh has a lot of bad habits. I blame it on Warcraft, and his inability to understand 'in character' and 'out of character'. However, I think that he's improving. Slowly. Very slowly. He has the only other character killed by another character, which was me.

So the games themselves. We're currently running 4 concurrent games.

Tuesday: Plague World, run by me. A post apocalyptic D&D world where the world ended around the 1960's due to a plague. A little odd, there's guns and mortars and no economy. The PCs are all from the one town that survived the 500 years of plague intact.
Wednesday: The Monsters, run by Po. An Epic campaign, we're all different types of monsters, with character classes. We're currently leveling up to take on the Tarrasque. Total monster of the week. I play a pixie named Twinkletoes Fairypants, Dragonslayer, Giantbane, Slaad Slaughterer, Champion of Titiana (funny story about that name later).
Saturday Morning; The Ogres, run by me. It started as just a couple of Ogres running around, after the previous campaign fell apart. They've become lords of a town full of goblinoids. Its probably the easiest campaign I run, especially since I often use published adventures for it. Right now, I'm running them through the Return to The Temple of Elemental Evil.
Saturday Afternoon: Starting a new campaign this week. Going to be a Darksun campaign set in the gladiator pits of Raam. So it will be another Monster of the Week, with option to expand.

So why am I writing this blog? Well a couple of reasons. First is that non-work often comes up, people call off or whatnot. So with this blog they can keep up to date with what is happening. Second is that I've found myself retelling stories of what my PCs did to my other interwebs friends. Some of it is extraordinarily funny, or noteworthy. Lastly, though, there's also rants. I mean I need somewhere to put my thoughts on 'blooding' new PCs, published vs created adventures, and why we're playing an outdated system.

So sit down, plug in your headset, wait for a call, and read some of the fun stuff here.


Thank you for calling tech support, My name is LAZ, and I'll be your DM..."

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