Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Campaign

So, another new campaign is starting. And I'm going deliciously old school on it. I mean all the way back. There is just the dungeon. And super deadly. No kid gloves. Basically doing a thing of a city named New Crosston built on top of a giant dungeon (Old Crosston). I did some ground work which resulted in the following...

Rumors, Advise, and Things Overheard in the Bar;
1. New Crosston is a magnet for evil.
2. There are black walls under the city that cannot be broken.
3. Dwarves don't like the silt corridors.
4. One of the Merchant Masters is a Disciple of Asmodeus.
5. Evil comes from Deep Holes.
6. There's more under the city then the city.
7. Moaning is the sound of the Drowned Ghosts of Old Crosston.
8. If you leave an unshod horse and a silver piece in Old Crosston overnight, that's one horse and an silver piece that you won't see again.
9. There was a healing fountain in the garden of one of the Merchant Houses, and its water will cause fruit trees to bear fruit even in the winter.
10. Three things to take to Old Crosston, a pickax, rope, and a towel.
11. Beware of Bifton, he's a loose siege weapon.
12. Thieves will be hung up by their Figgin.
13. There's a swimming dragon in the river that calls Old Crosston home.
14. Beware the end of the rainbow, there's gold there, but leprechauns are vicious little bastards.
15. Don't mess with the Masons, they have a medusa who will turn you to stone and then into a wall.
16. In Old Crosston there was a golem made of Gems.
17. Stay away from the muck!
18. There is a tribe under the city that used to be human.
19. There is a place where the Professional Order of Assassins dump the bodies. The alligators have found it as well. Alligators are a myth, its crocodiles down there.
20. The only reason that dwarfs are here is that they are looking for a still that was lost in the flood.
21. Dirty Deeds done dirty cheap, you get what you pay for.
22. Hellbenders can swim through water and earth.
23. The Violet Snake Eats Its Own Tail, Millenium Hand and Shrimp!
24. Mushroom rings is bad, but mold patches is worse.
25. Keep a boat on your roof, just in case.
26. One of the Merchant Houses kept exotic pets, and they've been breeding.
27. They say there's a cult dedicated to rats in the sewers. Not a that the CULT is in the sewers, but they venerate the rats in the sewers. It takes all kinds.
28. Fear the "COWER YA BUGGERS!" for the tortoise monks are attacking!
29. Only fools use bows.
30. The Order of Mystical Arts lost a forge in the flood.
31. Do not cross an elf, for they shall have the greatest revenge, they'll outlive you.

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